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The Learning Leaders Conference welcomes accomplished learning professionals from all career stages. Our invite list includes recognized professionals who are industry award winners, on editorial boards from all major trades, learning analysts, and more.


It is our goal to give you every opportunity to connect with other accomplished individuals so that now and throughout your careers you have a community that you can rely on to move your career, your personal missions, and our shared profession forward.

Be the type of person you want to meet.

This is all we ask of you.


You've been recommended for this conference because you have been recognized for your extraordinary efforts by influential people or organizations in our field. You made a list and now you're on our list. We are advancing learning by coming together to discuss Leadership, Innovation, Strategy, and Technology. 

If you are passionate about those areas, if you are going above and beyond at your company to move those initiatives forward, then you belong here among those who can help you take your ideas and programs to the next level. 


The four most important future skills are among the weakest competencies for today's leaders:

  1. Inspiring Commitment

  2. Leading Employees

  3. Strategic Planning

  4. Change Management

Source: Center for Creative Leadership


Our future growth relies on competitiveness and innovation, skills and productivity...and these in turn rely on the education of our people.

Julia Gillard

Former Prime Minister of Austrailia

Julia Gillard, Former Prime Minister of Austrailia


Managed well, the learning function can become an indispensable, strategic partner with a significant impact on an organization's goals. Managed poorly, learning will be viewed as a cost with questionable value and little connection to the organization's goals or success.

Dave Vance 

Author of The Business of Learning

Bill Gates

The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don't really even notice it, so it's part of everyday life.



  1. A process for structured innovation 

  2. A deepened understanding of strategy and analytics

  3. A renewed appreciation for leadership

  4. Real data from learning solutions providers

  5. An amplified network of colleagues, mentors, and friends.



Leadership in business requires balance, appreciation, discipline, and focus. We have all met leaders who have made a difference in our careers and lives, How do you become that person? Kimo Kippen, former CLO of Hilton and Founder of Aloha Consulting, will share with you stories of leadership experiences from around the world to inspire you and prepare you for partnering with leaders and becoming leaders who will change the world for the better.  


Innovation comes from new ideas and new ideas are not always easy to convey. In this session led by Home Depot HR Executive, Fernando Sanchez-Arias, you will learn a process for innovation that will help you explain, integrate and implement your crazy idea in a way that makes it intuitive to those who need to fully support your efforts. 


Strategy is a big broad concept that comprises everything from an idea to a complex measurement system. Dave Vance, Executive Director of the Center for Talent Reporting and Founding and Former President of Caterpillar University, will turn complexity into power as he describes what you need most in your learning strategy to reap the greatest results.


Technology solutions are typically forced on us through ads and expos but when it comes time to choose a technology solution, are we ready to ask the right questions? Tamar Elkeles, Chief Human Resource Officer for XCOM, a wireless technology company propelling the next mobile revolution, has had unique experiences with entrepreneurs and executives in both start-ups and large enterprises. Her extensive experience in the tech space will provide you with an understand of what it's like to be on the other side of the EXPO booth by giving you the insights you need to successfully choose and partner with technology solution providers.


Relationships are the threads that keep all else together. Our mentors will use their own relationship-building experiences ranging from how to gain initial buy-in to creating lasting relationships with three key groups: leadership, learning solutions providers, and learners. Our group of award-winning CLO mentors will share with you how building networks, understanding mutual interests and motivations, and authenticity laid foundations for growth and opportunity within their companies.



At the Learning Leaders Conference, you will be part of a research collective that starts while we are together and continues long after. Through a series of discussions facilitated by RedThread Research founders, Dani Johnson and Stacia Sherman Garr, you will "hack" solutions to two major current people and workforce problems. Find out more.


We all know how many conversations have to happen before we actually move forward with an initiative. Endless emails. New directions. People flying in from all over the place. All to get that “yes”. But we do it because we think it’s worth it. In these group chats, you’ll hear and participate in first-hand reflections of how our group of CLOs worked with their partners to bring learning to life within their organizations.


Have you ever had a big idea but no where to share it? Not here. We want to give you the time during and after group chats to speak up, take an idea offline with a small group, ask your colleagues for help in places you feel stuck. Grab a coffee and some sofa space and get stuff done, without ever leaving the room but instead claiming your creative “white” space.


There will only be 30 companies alongside you at this event. Each one has a relationship with our CLO mentors. They worked together, they’ve inspired each other, or they know each other as partners. Why did we do it this way? Think about the last time you walked into Total Wine or another beverage store of choice. You want a bottle of white but there are 13,452 choices. That’s sort of like our industry. Where to begin? How about here? Thirty trusted and recommended vendors by your friendly chief learning connoisseurs.


Networking feels forced sometimes but it’s always nice to go out for a night or two with friends. We want to give you those nights. Our group of CLO mentors met nearly two decades ago as members of the ATD board. Since then they have learned so much about each other, have shared amazing meals together, and have even traveled to each other’s homes. Start those relationships here by eating, drinking, dancing and singing with us.


We all need a place to work, eat, sleep, and play. But we’ve worked hard to get this far and deserve a treat every now and again. At this event, your “office” will overlook the water and your chair (loveseat or couch) will be wired for your endlessly-depleting-smartphone-battery’s pleasure. Your favorite smoothie or coffee beverage will be made for you by a barista just steps away. All of your food is included and because we’re health nuts, you’ll get to be one too (within reason). All good health nuts have a sweet tooth and like to let loose every now again. So whether it’s Kimo’s chocolate bars straight from Warsaw or Tamar’s favorite red, you’ll find little treats throughout your time with us so that you know just how special you are.


The event isn’t for everyone. In fact, it’s really just for you. We chose you and that’s why you are here. The event has limited availability because we want to serve you like kings and queens and not like Walmart shoppers on Black Friday. We respect you and we ask that you return that respect by committing to stay with us for the full conference experience. We know you have family and commitments at home and want and need to get back to them. If you have to leave early, then maybe defer your invitation until next time. If you are going to miss the family too much, bring them. Washington DC is lovely in September and the National Harbor is a gem. You can bring your spouse, partner, business friend, and maybe even a small dog to our social events with a guest pass.