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A or B?

A: You --- at your computer reading a blog post entitled "Top 10 Ways to Revamp your Training Program".

B: You --- asking questions to five learning professionals about how they actually revamped their training programs.

A: You --- listening to a podcast on how retraining the workforce is 'the answer' but also how retraining doesn't work.

B: You --- getting to the bottom of the perceptions by talking to learning leaders who are offering apprenticeship programs, college tuition, and other alternatives --- that work.

A: You --- watching the news about online discrimination in the workplace.

B: You --- gathering the skills and ideas for how to develop others to be more tolerant in the workplace. 

A: You --- getting by.

B: You --- getting better.

If you chose more Bs than As, click here so we can get

you to a place where all of these things will happen. 

If you chose more As than Bs, that's ok too because remember, everyone needs a nudge sometimes and wouldn't it be nice to have a group you can rely on to nudge you to be the best you can be? Yes or no?