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Panel: Behavior Change through Technology and Analytics

Innovation can be anything from walking up in the morning with a new idea to using frameworks within your organization to drive more creative thinking. Our profession challenges people to do more because we believe that everyone who is willing to learn can learn. In this panel, we are going to hear how technology and analytics are helping people reach their full potential and helping organizations to reconsider how they develop people to be their best.

Panel: Purpose and Pathways

We talk a lot about learning pathways. We will discuss purpose while we are together. In this panel, we are going to hear from organizations that are helping the workforce to work toward their purpose by developing the skills, behavior, and potential required to realize their goals and objectives. Whether it's through technology, through creating opportunities, or through creating a clearer way forward, the stories you are about to hear will help you help others on their journeys.

Panel: Scalable Learning

More people. More required skills. New people. New skills. Changing preferences. As learning professionals, we are constantly evolving to reach the learner where they are while simultaneously making every attempt to get a glimpse into what the future workforce will require. Scalability is a word that we hear a lot in learning. How can we succeed here and now but also prepare for the future? In this panel, you'll learn how technology, strategy, frameworks, and proper consultation can help you reach more learners with greater impact.

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