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Come Sail Away With Me

Hello friends!

We’ve had a lot of activity this week and we are getting very excited to bring this group together in just a few short weeks. Here are a few notable items:

We’ve added some new voices to the conversation:

  • Kyle Majkowski, 15-year old CEO of Tomorrow's Lemonade Stand, teaching kids to believe in their ideas and executing on them with creativity, passion, risk, and empathy.

  • Zach Posner, CEO of, teaching others how to invest in innovation.

We've determined our panel topics.

We’ve completed the design and layout of the room and it’s shaping up nicely. As a reminder, we’re all in one room —- glass on 3 sides so you can view the water and step outside for breaks. (See vacation reference below.)

We've also selected food and cocktails for your events. Craft cocktails on Sunday night; added a guitarist and carving stations for Monday night; and chose a live band, DJ, and food stations for the cruise ship.

We are working on special touches now to truly make this memorable for you.

But..along the way...

I’ve run into some questions and I want to make sure I properly answer them for those of you who are still on the fence about joining us. Here we go...

Is this a learning conference?

This is an opportunity for people who lead, manage, and create opportunity for others to learn to reach their fullest potential. It is a conference where learning leaders can learn. See recent “gone virtual” HBR article.

Why did you invite me? 

This initiative started with us being inspired by you. We read through awards submissions recognized by the trades; we followed you on social media and your blogs; we read what you published. We found people who belonged to groups outside of what their jobs required. We read the bios and About Us pages of CEOs from education startups that truly inspired us. We found you.

What are we going to do if we are not sitting in sessions?

You are going to experience things through the stories of others that will help you to open your mind to new ideas and ways of thinking. You will find out how others moved from failure to success through learning new skills, leveraging technology, enforcing strategy and process, and working with others. You will practice your new ways thinking to solve problems facing the learning industry. You will walk away with a methodology for addressing challenges with open-mindedness, innovation, and sound strategy and the network to get things done.

How are we going to do this?

Envision yourself getting ready for vacation. You pack clothes that you feel comfortable wearing. You leave your “work” mindset behind. You let others on the resort lead you and teach you new things. You try new activities. You fall down but so has everyone else. You meet new friends. You share old stories. You laugh. You think. You smile. You breathe. 

That’s how you will do this too.

With people who understand what you do. Within an environment that lets you be creative. With mentors and colleagues who joined us to learn just as much as to teach.

Join us for this learning journey!