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How we learn from each other

I grew up a half-Irish, half-Syrian Catholic girl from New Jersey. Today, a DNA kit would likely tell me that I am really a mix of 34 ethnicities but that doesn't change the story. 

Both sides of my family love getting together for parties and food. My mom's Irish Catholic guilt always made for many many invitees (because no one could be left out) and lots of food (what if someone didn't get a meatball?) My dad's Syrian family loved to get up and dance --- even when there was no music playing.

Now, I get to have my own get-to-togethers. But I don't live in New Jersey anymore so seeing family doesn't happen as often. Instead, I have been fortunate enough to turn my work travel into fun times with people I now call family. We talk about work more than my mom and dad did with their siblings and neighbors but I don't mind it. What I love most is when I see and hear people talking about their work and smiling --- then I know that they love what they do. 

I wanted to put on a conference that captures how we learn together and how we smile together --- not just at a bar after sessions end, but for the entire time. I wanted to bring you all together to my house and treat you like kings and queens with too much homemade food, cakes, cookies, and cocktails with made up names but my living room isn't big enough to fit you all. So instead, I found a place that felt inspiring and now I'm excited to bring you there. 

There is energy in this --- the idea of coming together to be who we are and share what we know. I told my mom last night that I feel like Santa Claus when I get to reply to your emails. It's such a treat to hear your stories. Only I hear them now, but when you meet in September, you will hear them too and that is exactly what this conference was designed for. 

You can learn more about it here at Always feel free to reach out with any questions, stories, or even pictures of your crazy family get-togethers --- I love learning about you! Above is a recent one of mine --- we learned, we loved, we smiled.