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I Think I May Need Help

When we set out to tell people about the Learning Leaders Conference, we searched for people who were doing new and different things. People who were winning awards and who were showing an entrepreneurial spirit. In response to one of the marketing messages, we heard back from one of these shining stars.

She let me know that some of what she was reading about the conference felt exactly right for her. Having just taken on a major responsibility within her local community to drive the economy through technology jobs, she felt she needed to know more about how to lead people, how to listen to them, and how to teach them to put intentions into action. She asked if attending the Learning Leaders Conference would give her what she needed.

I had no doubt that the event would bring her inspiration but was it worth waiting until September for that? NO WAY! I reached out to one of our conference mentors who has deep experience in the tech space. Within minutes Tamar responded with an introduction and a suggestion to work together to set up an advisory board for her. An advisory board of people who could help this aspiring leader to get her legs under her and to make her community stronger.

A courageous and aspiring leader asks for help. A mentor offers support. Leaders rise to the occasion....and the community benefits.

Meet your mentors here at the Learning Leaders Conference.