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I was just like you...until I did this.

This weekend I had one of those moments. Those "What am I doing?" moments. Some would call it conceptual. I described it with expletives. There are a number of circumstances that got me to this point but that is for another day. I am not one to go to bed without at least a process for addressing my irks so I turned to Google and typed three words: focus, clarity, outdoors. Why focus? Because I lost it. I was feeling tired and realized...I'm kind of always feeling tired which must mean I'm working hard --- but for what? I lost focus. Why clarity? Because I wanted some. I wanted to see clearly what was making me tired and why it was so worth the effort. Why outdoors? Because I LOVE the outdoors and it makes me happier when I surround myself in it. Do you know what Google offered up? A women's retreat: yoga, hiking, reflection, wine, food, new friends. At first, I internally rolled my eyes but then I asked my perplexed self, why eye roll? Maybe this is exactly what you need. So I read through the website and I sort of liked it. I thought 'I can do this'. Not only can I, but I should do this!. I clicked "book my tent" --- oh, yes, it's a glamping retreat --- and the next message said that my host would be in touch with me to register. I waited for a few minutes. I was in the moment. I was fixing things. But nothing came so I started to do laundry. 

The next time I looked at my phone, she had sent me a note to join the glamping crew. They only had king-size tents left --- i was opting for a four-person shared tent. I figured if I'm doing it, I'm going to get the full experience. The king-size tent was $400 more. I was ok with $600 but now $1000 plus a flight...hmm. I went back to laundry. I thought about talking to one of my girlfriends this week to see if she thought it was worth it. I checked the calendar ten or more times to find a reason why that weekend wasn't convenient. I asked myself, "Do you really need this or do you just need to get over yourself and keep pushing forward? The latter costs nothing and wastes no time." It was then that I realized I was thinking about this all wrong. What if I choose to go and I meet one person who becomes a mentor, a friend for life, a storyteller who makes me see what I can't see on my own. What if I go and I learn a few ways to workout differently so that I can become stronger in ways I didn't think I was capable of. What if I choose to go and I feel that euphoria of reaching the top of a mountain and truly appreciate just being alive. Or, what if I don't go and I keep talking to myself about myself; I keep working out harder but get the same results; I break the hammock in my backyard from overuse --- what then?  I could just read about the experience, I could just contemplate booking my tent until someone else takes it. Or I can live it and change. Every new experience changes the person you are and there is zero chance I will not meet a new person, hear a new perspective, learn a new skill --- so this investment will be worth it. At the Learning Leaders Conference, I promise you that you will meet at least one new person, hear one story, have one new experience that will make your investment in you worth it. You can and will always find reasons why not to invest in yourself. You can keep doing everything the way you have always been doing it. Or you can change it. Join us.