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Journey, journeys, and Journey

Last night around midnight, I finished this. When I saw it this morning, it made me smile. You'll learn more about me in September or maybe some time in the future but the process. I like hard work. When we set out to do the Learning Leaders Conference, we knew we wanted to create something magical for you but it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. There were days when I thought it was too big of an undertaking for me. There were moments when I laughed and cried at the same time (and for any of you who know what I mean when I say that --- it's a sign that you are tiptoeing on the edge of insanity).

But I believe that the hardest parts of the journey make you stronger; they make you remember why you do what you do; they force you to come face-to-face with your purpose. This playlist is the result of not losing sight of the purpose and staying on the journey --- even when it seemed too much.

The Learning Leaders Conference playlist was designed to take you on a journey: personal and professional. You have to learn and develop yourself before you can convince others to believe that learning new skills and new mindsets is a path for their own growth. Our profession has evolved and we are now responsible for developing more tolerant, empathetic, whole people. WOW! What an honor to be in our roles but the challenges in front of us are real and feel overwhelming at times. But in the words of our very favorite Journey, "Don't Stop Believin'".

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