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Get Uncomfortable

There is something that runs through my mind multiple times a day. It's the voice in my head that pushes me to do one more rep, answer one more email, think harder about how to solve a problem, read one more article, offer someone help even when I know I could use some myself. 

It's the point where I am feeling uncomfortable. It's when things are out of whack or when I look around and feel like I'm in over my head. It's at this point when we have choices: we can give up or we can press forward. I'm sure we have done both throughout our lives. It's how you recover from what seems to be a state of chaos that ultimately shows growth and strength. It's only at this point when you change and innovate. 

At the Learning Leaders Conference, we'll talk about your personal journeys toward innovation and how your experiences are the foundation of a culture of innovation. We'll talk about how scary it is to let go of what we know in order to invite in something new. And we'll teach you how people and process can remove the fear of it all and give you a structure and a cheering section to press on. 

We hope you consider joining us in September so that you can experience innovation at work. You'll have the time to think, diverse people to talk with, technology and stories to kick-start or move forward ideas, mentors to guide your thinking, and a community to support you when things get uncomfortable. 

You are the innovators of our profession. 

You will be the ones to make people, companies, and communities smarter, happier, and more conscious. But first we have to get uncomfortable. It is not a step we can skip but it is something we can do together