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Moment of Recognition

Have you ever done anything in the same way for so long that you just assume you’re doing it the right way? The best way? I think we all do this at some point. It’s the “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” mentality. But then, out of nowhere, something happens and your perfect situation breaks. It’s only at that time that you start to wonder if maybe you could have been doing things differently or should have been paying attention to different things. It’s at these times that we gain recognition of our situation and have the ability to change what we are doing.

There are other types of recognition too. The rewarding type. We recognize people on birthdays and holidays; we send thank you notes (well, sometimes); we reward people for their accomplishments. This recognition is typically well-received. Deciding how to recognize people, though, can be quite the task but it’s one I always enjoy as it forces me to really think about what someone needs, what motivates them, and what will make them feel appreciated.

Recognition can come at times we least expect --- sometimes before we are ready for it and sometimes too late. When it happens though, it’s an opportunity to reflect and to decide where you want to go next.

Take a moment to recognize your situation before it’s forced on you. Ask others how they feel about your relationship with them. Ask yourself how you feel about your relationship with others. Recognize who you are and who you want to be. Recognize others by showing them appreciation. No matter how you accept it, recognition is an opportunity to reflect and grow. We’ll all receive it as some point but the question then becomes: how will you use it?

The Learning Leaders Conference is a forum for you to get recognition your good work and give recognition for good work of others. It’s also a forum for you to recognize where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. Learn more about how you and those you recognize as influencers and high-potential colleagues can use this forum as an opportunity to learn and grow.