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Relationships and learning

Maintaining a relationship is complicated. Two or more people coming together from various backgrounds choosing to work together toward common goals, using a common value system, and bringing to the table an immensely diverse background of characteristics and experience. As strong as one relationship can feel, it can be turned upside down in a heartbeat when any one of the those commonalities is violated or when one of those unique characteristics shows up in an unexpected way. Instantly, you feel a loss, a void, and a warped sense of trust and hope. What’s next?

In our industry, every part of what we do is based on our relationships with others. We have a relationship with the people we serve through learning opportunities. We earn their trust by proving to them that the time they spend learning will benefit them in the long run. They need to feel rewarded; they need to know that we understand each has his or her own set of priorities; they need to know we are listening.

Many of the people who have applied for the Learning Leaders Conference tell about the challenges they have faced or are about to face in starting a training organization from the ground up or coming into a new company and trying to rebuild. This is an amazing responsibility and opportunity all in one. You get to set the foundation for the forthcoming relationships that will build the culture of trust inside of your organizations for the value of learning.

At the Learning Leaders Conference, we will talk about new technologies, innovation and trends but we will also talk about foundation. We will discussion how you can set yourself up to succeed and flourish.

Establishing the foundation for relationships in your lives gives you a chance to learn who you are and how you want to work with others. It lets you reflect on how much you are willing and able to offer and what you need in return to feel appreciated. We live these relationships every day at home and at work. We welcome you to belong to this group so that you can learn how to set the foundation for the relationships between you, your team members, and your learners and how to manage those relationships in times of success and turmoil. You will find that these lessons and discussions will help you in life too.

Consider joining us, September 8 – 10, 2019, at the Learning Leaders Conference in Washington DC where you will have the opportunity to make new relationships, understand how to start and maintain relationships, and renew your relationship with yourself and with the work you do.

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