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First, I want to thank you for being different. I want to thank you for having an open mind. I want to thank you for expecting more. It's because of you and people like you that things change and we collectively get better and smarter.

You may have seen the viral video on LinkedIn of the little boy who got his head stuck in between the rails of his porch. I did that as a kid. Maybe you did that too. We are curious animals and when we are young we have few inhibitions. The boy tries to free himself by getting his head out the way he went in. His dad tries to bend metal bars. It goes on for almost two minutes. But when it feels like he may never stand up straight again, he realizes he can go through the rails to get out rather than try to back out the way he came in.

The reason I wanted to share this story is two-fold. First, not every path is straight and not every way in serves as a way out. And secondly, if it hasn't happened to you, then I'm sure you've watched and laughed at a sister, brother, friend, or otherwise in a similar predicament. You've also seen or helped them get out and move forward.

You have experience.

We want you to share your experience at the Learning Leaders Conference. While you may not tell us about how you got your head out of metal bars, we know for sure that you will tell us about the training teams that you started from the ground up, about the measurement programs you put in place, about the educational opportunities you created for frontline workers, about the leader you are and want to be.

These are the stories we look forward to hearing and I know it's you who can tell them best because I've read them already in your applications. Take this one step further and bring your stories to a forum where they can be heard by mentors, by solutions providers, and by those who have been there and can help you do that.

We will talk about leadership, innovation, strategy, and technology as each pertains to talent development. We will talk about purpose, wellness, diversity, and more as they pertain to you and those around you. We welcome your insights and your courage to take a new path forward and to get your head...unstuck.