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The hotel room

Have you ever gone on vacation with family? After getting their luggage together, showing them things you never saw as a child (well, be honest, this is may be the first time you are seeing these things too), and spending more money on uneaten food than you've ever done before, you ask them to tell you their favorite part. The answer: the hotel room. Sigh.

We're not kids anymore and we appreciate more than just the hotel room which is exactly why we shouldn't pay more than we need to for that part of any experience. You have a lot to look forward to at the Learning Leaders Conference but expensive hotel fees isn't one of them.

If you haven't already made your reservations, hotel rates are subject to change (now: $249/night) after August 19, 2019 (then: $450/night AAHHH!) --- that's Monday! So even if you aren't sure if you will join us yet, don't throw money away and reserve today --- you can always cancel ;)

Learning Leaders Conference

September 8 - 10, 2019 | Gaylord National Harbor | Washington DC

A conference of conversations between learning leaders from all industries, all generations, and all aspects of the current and future workforce.

Online registration ends on August 31, 2019.

Your registration includes all food, drinks and entertainment you will want. It also includes energetic and inspirational people to listen and talk to --- to help you be a better you. You will not need transportation services while at the event as everything is a short walk away. These things and more are there so that all you have to worry about is you.