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What to (not) wear...

Hello all! We've been getting lots of questions about what to wear to the Learning Leaders Conference so I thought a few visuals might help.

DON'T DO THIS: I work from home so business casual looks like this plus ankle weights as an accessory.

This is what NOT to wear.

CONFERENCING: This is is what I wore to ATD which is totally acceptable for Learning Leaders but I would recommend less makeup.

This works.

CRUISING: This is what I wore on the trial run of the Odyssey Dinner cruise.

You can wear heels --- it's not a rocky ride.

PIANO-ING: This is me and Geoff out one night to eat and listen to music.

If you wear the outfit at the end of the row, you'll instantly become my new best friend.

Other acceptable looks....

Finally, I hope you can find the humor in what I have done. I know what you wear is important and it's totally reasonable for you to ask what to wear. But I trust you. You trust you.

Lastly....lucky us.

See you soon.