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Why An Application Process?

We hear this question a lot. We also get asked if we are looking for speakers. The answer is: "Yes but..." Our attendees are our speakers; hence, the application process.

At the Learning Leaders Conference, we provide the context and our attendees provide the content through their stories and ideas. There will not be a group of speakers delivering presentations. Instead, the content from attendees and sponsors, alike, will produce the conversations and discussions we all need to have in order to move our industry forward. The application is a quick check and agreement to let us know that you have something to share and that you will be respectful to others who share.

So is this the right place for you?


  • You are an award-winner.

  • You lead an L&D team.

  • You make learning a priority.

  • You partner with business leaders.

  • You upskill new and current employees.

  • You make people better.

  • You are a high-potential team member.

  • You are a next-gen learning leader.

  • You are making a difference and people are noticing.

  • You want to give others opportunity.

...then YES IT IS.

Led by experts in our field, we will hear your stories and weave them into our conversations to better understand the type of leadership needed to lead the future of work, the types of foundational and far-reaching strategies that will make a difference, and the types of innovations and technologies that will help us overcome challenges like the skills gap, diversity & inclusion, learning impact and more.

If you have something to say, maybe it's time to say it. Join us!