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Your experience with us

Here is how you can expect to spend your time with other learning leaders this September. We are excited to welcome you.

As a reminder, we want this program to be fluid so things may certainly change before and during the event to provide the right amount of time for the most important conversations.

On both days, we will start out with breakfast and free time to talk with each other or with sponsors. Sponsors will not have booth displays but rather modern offices built into our open floor plan so that you can stop by and chat when it's relevant to you or when you have some free time to explore. 

Each day we will open with a session of exploration. Day One will be a discussion of accomplishments/challenges and failures/successes. Our mentors (4 CLOs) will share some of their stories and then work in small groups to learn more about each other and what learning challenges we are facing. Day Two's morning session will focus on how we can leverage each other as mentors and colleagues to help us through rough spots, career challenges, and general roadblocks or how we can work with each other to be more powerful than we can be alone. 

Each morning and afternoon we will hold panels integrating the experiences of our CLOs with solutions providers, and the questions and comments from attendees. The tentative panel lineup follows:

  • Panel 1: Scalability and Accommodating for Learner Expectations 

  • Panel 2: Mentoring and Leadership

  • Panel 3: Remembering the Foundation and Importance of Strategy 

  • Panel 4: Upskilling and Reskilling to Strength Workforce and Community

Following each panel, we will have a spotlight session that will exemplify the panel discussions and tell of a company or industry challenge and how it was solved. After each story, we will give the audience creative time to think about how the solution could have had greater impact, how it can work in other industries, how it can work for their own companies, and/or how it can serve as a building block to something even bigger and with greater impact. 

Each afternoon, we will work with RedThread Research to hack solutions for a topic that you choose to support: upskilling or diversity & inclusion. We will spend 2 - 3 hours going through rounds of discussions identifying how we can approach scenarios facing the workforce and how these ideas can be turned into actionable activities for us to try ourselves and share with the profession. The work with RedThread will evolve into five research assets all of which will have your name in the credits. We aim for this to be a legacy of the Learning Leaders Conference 2019. 

Each morning and afternoon, we will build in time to reflect on what we've learned and shared and what we want to see happen next. We want to be sure we are meeting the needs of the group while staying close to our goal: conversations, decisions, ideas, and growing a strong network.

Finally, all food and entertainment will be provided to you including networking receptions and dinners each night at the hotel rooftop bar (Sunday), dueling pianos bar and restaurant (Monday) and a dinner cruise (Tuesday). We want these experiences to be more time to learn about each other and yourself...try new foods, play an instrument, see new things. We are also looking to incorporate appropriate wellness programs (yoga, walks, etc) and career enhancement opportunities (photo headshots, art expression).

Excited? We certainly are! If you aren't already joining us, we welcome you to apply now!